Is a breath of fresh air worth it?

Since oxygen bars were introduced in the United States in the late 1990s, the trend has caught on, and customers are going to these bars around the country to sniff oxygen through a plastic hose.

The oxygen experience in a bar can last up to about 20 minutes, depending on customers’ preferences and the size of their wallets. It seems that the going rate is about a dollar per minute, so $10.00 for 10 minutes.

Is it healthy?

Oxygen fans tout the benefits of oxygen as reducing stress, increasing energy and alertness, lessening the effects of hangovers, headaches, and sinus problems, and generally relaxing the body.


One of the FDA’s biggest concerns about oxygen bars is the use of “flavored” oxygen. The flavor is produced by bubbling oxygen through bottles containing aromatic solutions and then pumping the vaporized scent through the hose and into the nostrils. If aroma oils are used, this can lead to serious inflammation of the lungs …and even if an oil-free medium is used, the purity or sterility of the aerosol that is generated cannot be guaranteed. You could run the risk of inhaling allergens or irritants that may cause you to wheeze. Inhalation of live contaminants such as bacteria or other pathogens may lead to infection.

And that’s why we want to introduce you to O2 Drops, an exclusive bio-available form of dissolved oxygen combined with the minerals that your body needs the most.

O2 Drops is:
• Manufactured in an FDA CGMP Certified Lab
• Safe
• Nontoxic
• Free from Chlorine Dioxide and Hydrogen Peroxide

It’s also free from the kinds of live contaminants you might pick up at an oxygen bar

Each serving of O2 Drops is the equivalent of about 50 breaths of air per recommended serving and the liquid stabilized oxygen in O2 Drops has been shown to increase blood oxygen saturation for up to 4 hours in the bloodstream (in 2 independent studies).

Watch the video below to find out more about this amazing oxygen supplement. And be sure to claim your free sample on this page so you can find out what O2 Drops can do for you.

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