The air up there…

You’re watching Monday Night Football and San Francisco is getting destroyed in Denver. One of the 49ers runs off the field after a play and hooks up an oxygen mask.

Athletes playing at higher elevations may benefit from a boost of oxygen if they haven’t acclimated to the higher altitude.

According to Dr. E. Wayne Askew, Ph.D.:

“Metabolism is much more efficient in the presence of adequate amounts of oxygen. Hence, physiological restrictions abound when oxygen becomes limiting. Increased extraction of oxygen from the blood by tissues during adaptation to hypoxia, (a lack of sufficient body oxygen for normal metabolic functions,) is one of the major adaptive mechanisms of the human body faced with the difficult task of coping with the breathing of “thin” air.” (O2xygen: Natures Most Important Dietary Supplement, Stephen R. Krauss, 1999)

So if the San Francisco players haven’t had enough time to adapt to the high altitude, their oxygen starved lungs and muscles will be a performance issue during the game.

But what if they had O2 Drops?

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